Monday, December 29, 2008

First day at shah alam

when i reach kl, my heart feel pounding, my mind think i'm will be like dead fish. with losing of something important in my life, i really dont know wat to do.

when i reach kl central meet ash parent, they were so kind to pick me up, i really glad that im not alone, along to way to my house, i keep thinking about cayra, i feel myself so sad, sad till feel this is the end of the world, but wat can i do, i just need to keep moving. once i reach to my new home, the enviroment is so different, may be because i really dont care the enviroment, they no one that i can share wit. well..i feel so lonely, my mind is how do i go through the night.

at night before i sleep, i cant close my eye, i tear cant stop running, i feel so sad.....cayra, if u there, please dont change, please.....