Wednesday, November 18, 2009

every morning

Every morning is the start of a new day, the cold temperature that make us wan to sleep again. Everyday, we wake up, kids start their day by eating breakfast serve by their mum, student rushing to get them self ready to class. But now, i'm a working adult. My routine morning is the same for the rest of my life, unless i get married, then some part will change.

i wake up usually, think how my life would be, yes, i think about what world should be done, wat think should summited, who to connect, and then, this word, miss.

anyway, there always a cure for everything, everyday i drive to work, i always look at the mountain, high up there cover wit mist, is always cheer me up. I live at a beautiful places, 1 day, i will go there. That 1 day, is always a dream for both of us.

hehe, miss the lbn beaches.

Monday, November 16, 2009

16 nov

My problem isn't the obstacles i'm facing. I understand both where they're come from, and wat to do about them. The proble is certain individuals who i would have expected to lend me a hand haven't done so. While ordinarily, i have said nothing, ask them why. Their response will suprise me.

green cloth girl

I'm thinking of the green cloth girl. Here the story, i was sitting around roxy, friend apple shopping, she brought yellow spegeti.. Look nice on her. Anyway, i spend almost half day inside there, not shop for me, but for her, don't complain because i really don't want to shop another shirt or flipflop. Not on my list now, even i desire for it.

this green girl come in to buy roxy beg, just a normal average looking girl. Well that all i can say. Just inside my mind. Can't get it out. Tall, not so skinny, like to play wit her hair, good friend. I suggest i'm bored inside roxy till i watch every1 inside there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In this world, there many types of people, from the people we know, to people that we see from our eye on street, to people that we hear from our ear on news, to people that we feel from our imagination of any type of people. All type of people exist for something, surviving to live, contribute to the surrounding or more selfish, just profit for them self.

for me, i like to watch people, in my whole life, i watch lots of people. I observe how there move, how there wear their cloth, how pretty are there, how happy, how worrying, i watch everything, expect 2 thing that is impossible to tell, their mind and their heart. Their mind could tell them stop watch me, your stackler. Their heart, which how feel at that time to the places or people. From begger that asking money for living, to bully that bully poorless puppy, to spender that spend money worryless, to clubber that flirt lady on the floor, to photographer that capture glimpse of people life, to blogger that write story of a live. All these people always caught my eye.

even watching people is my obsession, i rarely look at myself, even in the mirror, my picture about myself is a sad dude that barely have a smile, that just had a broken heart. The only time i watch myself is when i set my hair, put med on my pimple. Even wit that, i never look to my own eye, my own smile. I waiting the moment that i can look myself, when i'm happy, when i get my love of my live. Till now. My own thought as i wondering around 1borneo wit a fruit call apple.

Friday, November 13, 2009

fragile life

Life is very fragile, going around, we will always see some1 is worst than us or better. We should not compare against each other but compliment each other how perfect we live in this world. A smile will brighten our soul, a greeting will cherr our heart.

now, i really need those, i was watching 2012, why a great movie must have a love involve, wit transformer on megan, 2012 wit broken family but finally unite. I'm not against those, but my heart just unbearable to fill those, i miss some1. Is almost 1 year. And i still haven't improve.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

wish list

add a wish list in my blog... set my target... will change when reach this year end...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

some1 special day

Today, is some1 special day. Wish her happy special day. Hope your dream and wishes come true, dear.