Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why does heart feel heavy? Why chest area feel like very stress? I also had this feeling. Perhaps i got stress problem. May be in future i can easy get heart attack. And usually this moment, i really desperate to talk. Seek attention. Something like that make me feel revive.

i somehow know the answer for this. I just need set myself to achieve something. Anything that i can success. But what i can do. My mind always find love. Right now. I really i can call some1. Try to talk. And this will make me excited for whole day, unless it turn out bad. That only quick fix.

the other is. Well cooking. But this somehow limited. I can only cook for my meal and prevent wastefull. I can only cook in small quantity. Most of the time i fail, but at least i try and i'm happy for it. I know i will improve it next time cook. Hehe.

what else? Herm. Nothing. Read novel? Is just not the right time to read book.

i also hope for gaming. But it will be impossible.

My mind right now wan to tell lots of thing. I just can't express it out here because is too personal. Pass few days lots of thing happen, but none are excited. All seem like a punch to my mind, the true is always hurt when discovered.

do my mind create this world as positive as it possibility. Does i believe that is just a NO? Or is just my timing now bad. I don't know. At least i ask, at least i try to have courage, i know i'm somehow a loser. But i know this wont stop me.

one thing bother me is, yesterday my life could be ended. A lorry almost ran over me. But i'm sure my mind is not around that time. I remember i was crossing the road, my mind were at somewhere, thinking about i forget the camera. So. I cross the road. I look on the wrong side of the road. Then. The lorry break. I step back. The go at the back of lorry. The lorry driver seem have a heart attack. I know is foolish me. I really will encounter accident if i'm not carefull enough. I guess is not my day. Thanks Lord.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm sad now.. Tears running down.. Listening to 'take a bow'. I search this song sang by rihanna, i can't find it. But lucky i found the song sang by glee. I keep replay this song. The voice is beautifully. I can't stop listen to it. I just keep repeat. I know is stupid. But i can't stop hear the voice. There word that i focus more, like sorry, is over now, faithfull, lie, time to go. i don't know the song mean. But my heart just feel sad when hear this. Stupid right. I'm sad and alone. Isn't my blog about.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I need laptop

Seriously... i wan laptop... i getting tired updated my post using my phone... so much limitation... all text.... i start to envy those post got picture... i can do better for myself.. but i need decent platform... is the latest handphone can replace blog posting for laptop..

i got pc in office.. but no word come out in my mind for posting...

back to work

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is been 2 days after the trainee is gone. Yes. They had finish their training and now start back studying in ums. Well. 10 weeks seem days. Haha. I miss those guys. Huhu. How will get 1 soon again. Hehe.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey. Monday is always the talk i talk the most alone to myself. Why? Monday night laugh. There lots of comedy show, and i say they cheer me up, totally.

well. There one thing. How i meet your mum show. Friendship is a unique thing. I really hope there something like that happen in my life. I'm sad inside. Talk to this blog wit no respond. I know lots of thing bad going to happen soon. I can only wait it happen and hold on tight. I'm the person love to be around people, but i'm untalkative. Haha. Finding true friend is im possible. Even more wit lover

movie - angel and demon

Yes. Another movie review for this week. I watch lots of movie. Ok. This is a bit outdated movie, but it premier on HBO HD, well, HD is better in picture than in cinema, but sound, herm, i need another setup. Ok.

i guess every1 is familiar wit this movie, so i wont talk about it. When to think of it, this movie is mediocore, is not that great, the story based on best seller novel, of cos is interesting, the camera is were nice. And the set, is detail. This could be personal preferrence. The old movie and i ever watch it. It miss the wow effect. Could be just that.

there also make me feel like wan to go to rome and discover all of this, the vatican, the temple, all around rome. I also wan to put my trade mark on my design. How i wish that happen. Haha.

ok. No score for this movie. I think i ever review it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

movie - a single man

Ok. This is a sick movie. Is a gay movie. But this movie is 5 star, it really good. The story, the actor, the music the camera, is all perfect. It just a gay movie, got butt showing part, kissing, damn.

i say this movie is good. I do not support anything. Movie review fan should watch this. I'm speechless. 5 out of 5. I wan make 4 cos of gay but but i'm sincerely think this movie is good.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

movie - the bounty hunter

This movie is ok. I don't know wat movie is this. Here just to sum it of. 2 divorced people. He want to catch his ex wife because she bail out from jail. She got into trouble from a case where this bad guy wan to kill her. He got huge debt and the bookie want to get the money back. Is a bit of twisted, i know. Nice to watch because jennifer aniston where in th movie. She still look hot. That only i care of.

totally 2 of 5. I would give 3 but she a bit old already.

movie - chleo

Herm. 3 out of 5 movie. This movie can be good or bad, depend on who watch this. Is a rare type of movie for me. An exotic triller. The actor are top class, well, the bad girl is well hot. Is really a good movie after i think about it now. Ok. Here the story

this mum believe her husband cheating at her, so she hired a escort girl to make sure her husband aren't playing around. But here the thriller part, this escort girl love this mum, then she lie to her. Is a bit strange. Well. The actor play well.

still 3 out of 5.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

grey anatomy

When something being, we generally had not idea how it going to end, the house that we think a slump will became home sweet home, the roommate that we force to take it became our family, and the most hate person that we meet became our love.

we got lots of begining or starting point, i start my study to became engineer, i meet my love true when secondary school, i start working, i move away from family, i stay at kk.there lots of begining, lots of starting point in my life, each decision i made, is just a being. I write this blog, i sad and lonely, this just being, perhaps one day, it will change. there are many thing that ever happen in me, all bad things and good things,and will happen the same in future.

we spend our whole life worry about our future, planning our future, trying to predict our future, as if figuring it will somehow cushion the blow, but the future is always changing. The future is the home of our deepest fear, and our widest hope. But 1 thing for certain, when it finally reviled itself, the future is never ever we imagined.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello there. My weekend totally in the house. I didn't get out, i didn't even bother look outside. I just feel like sitting in front of tv, watch supernatural, the whole season 5. Wow.

i know is unproductive. Is wastefull. Is lazy. But just i feel i wan stay home. My planning is want to try new restrouran, i got 1 italian and 1 mediterian restrouran to try. And watch movie. Got new 3D and knight and day. I feel like want to watch them but no date. Could be i run out budget.

i could be feeling sad. Feeling lonely. But really. I just wan to rest. Tomoro is monday. After 5 days, will be another weekend. Life is a bit bored now. Need to find some1 same interest.

Friday, July 9, 2010

movie - mamma mia

Just finish watch this movie. I had so much fun watching this movie. Gosh. I feel so happy all long the movie. Damn. The musical is wonderfull. Almost every moment is accompany by song. And they look cheerfull. The story is wonderfull wit unexpected twist. Haha. But is not the story about, is the musical piece. Damn. I feel so happy now.

everyone hope love music must watch this. 5 out 5 for this movie.

how i wish i can share this happy moment.

I'm was happy today. Why? Because i talk to some1 today. Share dreams and some love. Is a great joy to do those. Talking about dream. My dream, what it will be. Every1 know wat is it. But really talken about it, i can imagine thing happen in the dream, haha. Glad to do it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yeah. Post again. I know why i'm rm crazy posting today. Is because i'm got things to say but none wan to hear it. Thing got lots of happening today, feel happy about site visit wit those trainee. Finish my job. Feel more confident about myself. Know something sad, but stand up, but really hurt, then forget about it. Want to see movie, but none want friend me, so cancel knight and day, wanted watch something new. Next. Have a good conversation with new staff, althought i see the future will be non favourable. Then. At night sitting tv alone, hoping can sms some1, but i don't wan, no topic to talk anyway.

now, really wish can say gud night, and please wake me up for world cup. Life seem so full, and the end, we close our eye, we alone again.

Warning. Another emotional post. Ya. Just finish watch final episod of glee part 2. Yes. I love it so much. Haha. Now i realise why i love it go much, is the song don't stop believing. Yes. That song really touch my heart. I don't know that i believe, but 1 thing for sure, i'm believe some1 there that will stand by me no matter what and love each other so much.. I really believe that..

hey. I really hope there some1 right now. And be excited with me. All i got is this unresponsive blog. Yeah. At least i can talk to you bloggy. Haha. All i wan now, say don't stop believing is really great song, make me feel so happy. Haha.

then i'm thinking. In this whole world, there are movie that i will never watch, which high school musical 3, i wanted watch is so much, but i can't i really can't watch it. I only watch it wit special some1, but that some1 never happen. Huhu. I guess, if i found some1, i will watch wit her, and she feel the same way as i am. I'm serious. Dead serious. This will be impossible dream.

ok. Glee and high school musical same post. This not happening. Both are different. glee about problem in life. High school just a musical.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bride wars

Gosh. 3th post of the day. Seems that already pass 12. This Is the first post. Hehe i just watch bride wars. I think i did a review about this. I can't remember. It just that i can't stop myself from watching it.

ya. Perhaps myself telling that i love to be married. Don't know who, don't know when. Is just i can't resist those thing. In real life, i wont attend those event, it just hurt me so much, unless there really got lots of single ladies at there. I don't mind. The movie is all about 2 gurl having same date and they all fight each other, 2 best friend.

what am i talking about? I barely save money, wear the same cloth, have a crapy car. I really look down myself. But i still try. Learn. Get the impossible thing. Talk about marriage as if i got lover right now, which is billion years none. Haha crazy me.

but i'm sure it will be magical and beautiful. Everyone does.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Mistake. There are certain thing in life that we know it's a mistake but we really don't it's a mistake because the only way to know it is a mistake is to make that mistake and said to myself "yup, it was a mistake". So really, the bigger mistake would be not making that mistake because then we will go wit our whole without knowing if something is mistake or not. Imagine this, i made no mistake, i done all of this, my life, my relationship, my career are mistake free, does this make sense to all of us?

herm. I only feel want to repeat my same mistake.

tv - lost final episod final season

Yes. Final episod of lost. Lost theory finally ends here. I can't sum everything up in this episod, is alot to tell. The island is stay and every1 die. Meet in other dimension to remember back. Ok. Confuse. Hehe.

this is the most wonderfull episod, they remember or reply back those moment, sweet or pain, happy or sad. It really sad. But is the whole point. Everyone were a season, and the doctor is the main character in the lost, now i know. Hehe.

ok. The thing i want to tell. Now i know why i love emotional movie, or tv series (grey). Is because the 2 or 3 second of people look at each other, the moment the eye sight at each other, camera catch it, human heart catch it too but not realise it. I love those moment, is so wonderfull. I really wan those moment.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

movie - toys story 3 (3D)

Yes. My first 3D movie review. I watched this at GSC suria wit joan. She came to kk for a holiday. Before watch movie, i eat at texas for a burger. Hehe.

the movie, is was funny. All the original was character was the same, wit a bit twist, special attention to mr potato. Haha. As long as his eye, hand, mouth, nose and leg stick to something, it became alive, even hotdog. The story are the same, is all about andy, the owner. Andy is grow up and have to go college. So the toys had to move on, but woody believe differently.

ok. The 3d is a ok. Huhu. Nothing remarkable. Huhu. My advice, watch the non 3D.worth your money. Huhu. 1 thing, the entrence show is hilarious. Hehe.

so. This movie. Is 4 out of 5. Hehe. Thanks to joan for accompane me watch this movie even she already watched it. Appreciate it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

bella italian

My food review! Nope. I still don't have much word for food. May be i can warm up. I went to bella italian. I don't know the exact name. But is located at jesselton hotel. This is the second time i'm coming here and wit nadia. My plan actually going to grazie cafe but not open on weekend for lunch.

we order pizza and dessert. I order Margherita wit add topping mushroom and turkey ham. The pizza crust is thin, my tomato sauce blend well the oregano and chesse. The extra topping add more flavor, especially the mushroom, it smells great. First i saw it, it too large for 2 of us to eat, but nadia said the crust is thin and will easily eat all, she was right but My stomach feel not full.

next is dessert, i order tiramisu. Yes. How i wish i took picture of the cafe, my hand cant resist to take the first bite. Damn. The cake is delicious. Everything were perfect. It was right amount of creamy, it just smooth inside our mouth. And the coffee taste not strong, but blend perfectly the chocolate. I can't be more happy that this, it just wonderfull. I love it so much. Even nadia is smiling looking me acting overboard. Haha.

cost of the food is 46 plus sky juice. Hehe. I'm also happy found someone to try food wit me. Next time i will remember to take picture.