Sunday, June 27, 2010

movie - she out of my league

Another movie review. This is a wonderfull movie. Is about a guy, kirk, date a beautifull hot girl, molly. Damn. She so hot till i can't get my eye off from her. But 1 thing i really like, despite, being a hot woman, she just humble herself, more precise, more normal girl. 3 out of 5 for this movie.

this movie inspired me. Hehe. Make me feel i got high self esteem and got confident. Thats easy. Haha.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


A movie review. Hehe. This movie i wanted to watch it because it is a musical movie. Love when in movie, they sing a lot. I watch this movie without knowing anything.

so. After watch this movie halfway, my body melt, damn, all the actress are sexy, damn, there no nudity, no sex scene, pure broadway style musical singing and dancing. Later i found out there were all movie star, no wonder there are beautiful.

ok. This movie about a director makes a movie, he don't have script, so, well, he try to write a movie script in 10 days, did he do it? No. There too much stress, affair, trouble. I guess he want to write about himself. But he just can't express it. so at the end, he fail.

well. This movie is sexy. 4 out 5. Plus 1 for sexy and musical. Hehe.

Hey. I'm the one reading it. I'm don't post to your comment say i'm read it. But i'm writing it here. Cos i know the line, i know the limit, i know what is fairy tale or real life. How i wish i can sms you, chat wit you, or call you. But i don't, cos i gotta move on wit life. I know i been sick. I know i that i'm so pathetic, and i certainly know that i'm so so desperate. I know a lot about myself, that all bad thing about me. I know i don't wan hear from you about me, but i feel that i wan. There a line in everything, i make that line clear to myself, even it hurt me, i broke the line by posting it here, but i'm glad i able to let go again.

falling for her

Good morning all. Today i wanted to see my skin doctor, is already pass 2 months. So, unusually for weekend, i had to wake up early, Around 7. When i go in to clinic, even i arrive 8.40 whereby the clinic open on 8.30. There already 18 people line up to meet the doctor, so frustrate. need to wait like 3 hour, said the nurse, but i knew it will be 5 hour. Lucky, i didn't plan to bring anyone out, i was thinking bring some1 watch movie.

anyway. I going to buy breakfast, meehun wit pork chop. Then, there she was, she look so pretty, my heartbeating so fast, i never feel this way before, but she special, the time when so slow and she move so gracefull. I can't stop thinking about her move. Even when drive back home, i still stun. But i know is already pass, i didn't ask for her no.

i'm feeling so great. Just to get this feeling.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We all get 1 wish a year over birthday, perhaps the other 1 will be at christmas. Some of us want more, more wish, from fountain, well, star, heart, i know my wishlist would be, is listed in my blog. And 1 day one of those wish come true. So. What will it be if those wish come true, will it really what we hope. Do it create warm glow of happiness? Or do we just have too much wish to be wish.

we don't wish for easy stuff, we will wish the big thing, thing that is ambitious, and unreachable. We wish because we need help and we scare, and we know we could be asking too much. We still wish thou, because it will come true.

i wish for lover.

Monday, June 21, 2010

greys anatomy S05E09

Again. Watch grey on monday despite monday night laugh. This espissod is about closing our eye during sleep. We all scare to close light during sleep when we small. I remember that there was light in my room to prevent dark. But when we grow up, 1 thing i scare after close eye is the next day. I don't know that will happen. Not exactly scare, could be nervous, happy, or lonely.

but is the easiest thing to do. We just close our eye. Then the world all shut down. But not all of us sleep, we still scare. We all want it. Just it so hard to just close our eye. But once we face our fear, and turn to other for help, we wont be scare.

the other thing, no matter how wrong a person could be, just listen to them why, they just need support.

you know, i really wish some1 care for me. I really need it. If got, i know i will care back to them.

Another emotional post. Don't read it this. Haha.

i know what i feel now, is sad. I'm sad because i feel that i make a mistake. I feel that i'm a boring guy. Really back to to old self again. My heart tell me don't go too fast. Really don't be desperate. I'm not. I just hate living like this. Being happy or acting happy.

well. Will stop again and wait a while to try again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

greys anatomy S05E08

Herm. Perhaps in 1 moment that inside your heart got this to tell. Some are meant keep inside. But really, we spare it to tell other when time is right or it is forgetten. Hehe.

this espissod is talk about let it go. There something we can keep just for remembrance, but it mean we can't let go. I still keep the picture. The ring. Hey. But it we throw it, we still think about it. Wonder of the world.

being a frighter doesnt mean is strong. It could be we just avoid the real problem and take hard road.

the lovely bones

This movie is wonderfull and lovely. The moment i watch it. I feel so into it. Why? Because the art really beautifull, and the first person narrator. Haha. I guess beside fast pace action modern movie were my fav, the other would be beautifull movie. Haha.

anyway, this story is about young girl, sadly this young girl been murder. Is not a sad story, but this young girl live in between heaven and earth, she unable to let go of her family, and her family are also unable. I love this movie because it remind me movie could be wonderful as in novel. Even i close my eye. I can see to movie. And in my mind, i feel that i'm reading a novel, expect the art would be different than i imagine. Haha.

well. Well solid 5 star for those that love wonderfull thing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Again. Wake up feeling nothing. I hate being heartless. Is just so hard to go throught the day, sitting on sofa, watching tv. Well. Try to get up and get some emotion today.

so i was thinking. Why like being all emotion. i just like to know how it be like, the no joyfull or delightfull feeling around, even none was love. So then feeling i can get is sorrow and sober. Living alone wit no one to talk, i mean a girl, just sad. I unable to pour it out. I have no idea how.

right now, i'm watch grey anatomy, is 1 of my fav tv series, just because everytime i watch, my tear usually get out. I can do that all day. Haha.

i know i'm pathetic. Is just even i got friends around, i just, or i think learn my lesson. Never tell your feeling to anyone at anytime. All the time i feel that i too attach to some1, i need to be so attach, i don't have right now, and i don't bether too try because it is bad. Learn my lesson even it will make it my life misreable cos not trying it. But this blog had no emotion. It wont dump me. Haha.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


watching glee just now, they that about dream. Yes. 1 thing that strike me is dream is something that will fill our heart and us feel happy. Well. I know what really can make me happy and dream come true. But i know it will take forever. That why is at bottom of my wishlist.

actually. There no spark in my life. I'm glad that people really care about ourself. But today. Nothing let me down. Is just that i feel really sad for no reason. Perhaps i really want attention. Perhaps i really wan some1 talk about me. There are only dream i guess. No one really love me to say everyday in front her eye is always me.

world are cruel.

This pass few days or weeks, i feel pretty good about myself. I feel more confident and more brave. Why? Because i got something special going on.

yesterday was special. I was finally prove myself that i'm not really lose to confident to talk or ask people out. I manage to ask some1 out. Wat a relive that it is achievement, and guess what. It happen in labuan. Hehe. Yeah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sitting inside ferry, with calm sea, is much better that yesterday, when i went back to lbn, is not a joy ride, my head moving back and ford, right and left, but i'm ok wit it, glad to reach the island soil, stable. Right now i'm heading to kk, in 15 min i will arrive. Hehe back here again, to my own home.

3 hour ride to kk is very long to some people. Is almost same time if using car to memunbuk. But cost of maintanace to car is unnotice, my old car can't take that much. Express ferry ride drawback is seasick. Huhu. I'm ok wit it. Never have problem.

today, i meet some1. Is been a while i never go out at lbn alone wit some1 that i'm not familiar. Well. I just hope that i break my coward inside me about this island. Thanks to her. Ok then.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Haha. Today such a good day. Being able go to work, yes, i found there more pleasurable than my home and outside work. Got pc, updating facebook, doing something we love which is designing, having pressure of work, eat kfc, order laptop, yeah, and got sunshine shine.

haha. 1 thing i really like, i really able to speak english again. Seriously, is been a while, need to get confident back.

did i tell you all that got 2 new person on my office and 2 trainey.