Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pain is always pain. Your hand cliped by door, your finger cut by paper, your lips by your teeth, or even scar of old pass. There a limit in pain, but emotionally, we just gonna stand up by our own and hope some1 will kiss the wound.

in my life, there are none, while i looking for some1, the some1 are just repeating the one cause me the pain. For example, sms heavely with i'm beside or call some1 while i'm around, i still remember last time, is painful last time and yet is painfull to remember back.

life is always unfair,i lower my expectation for this world, still there aren't perfect. What you wan me to do? Just let go everything, and expect nothing, then my life would be meaningless.

life is bad. Now, at this point, i just hope, really hope, some1 will touch me, and say is not the end, i'm still around. That word, that touch, will be forever to be achieve.

what can i say dear? You had ruin my past, hurt me so bad, and you had a good life. I wish for your best, but mine, i didn't. Someday i will find some1 like you, and hopefully, same mistake wont repeat. By now, pain still pain, feel the same.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm so happy that i watched repunzel : tangled tales. The movie is not tat magical, just nice wit repunzel chase her dream, a comman thief became charming as usual. A kingdom that wait for coming of princess.

i'm happy cos i was able watch wit cindy. To be able watch fairy tales with some1. Is one of my dream for a long time, but it is almost what my dream, in my dream is wit special some1.

hope disney will make more movie like this is coming year.