Thursday, December 31, 2009

year 2009

Is a bad year for me. None of my dream come true. On bright side, i graduate at this year, get a job, get a new life. What my dream? Well, be a rich person, be a naturalist, most important have a lover for my broken heart. Well.
None of it ever happen.

should i welcome 2010? Well, i need to set up new resolution. Could be more like my wish list. Hehe. Hope next year will be a good 1. I'm not looking forward it. So the answer is no. I'm not looking forward it and welcome it.

you know, 2010 is a beautiful year to start. The full moon in th sky wit firework. Well. Is those year ppl think this world is wonderfull. How is like to be at outside wit some1 special.

Monday, December 21, 2009

5th book

This the last book for this year. 5 books so far i read. All about fairy tales, love, friendship, and memories. All are not romantic story, but is full of love. Hehe. All of this book are good companion to me, reading them make me feel not lonely and let the time pass quickly. Hehe. Love to bring book around.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 dec

While thinking plans through before tackling them is wise, i'm urged to discuss them wit certain well-informed individuals. Only once i have combined their knowledge wit my analysis of the situation at present will i be able to come up wit a concept that's as practical as it is visionary.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello dear blog,

is been a while i don't talk to you, i do think of you all the time, i do wan to tell everything, the problem is, is all about sadness. Hehe. The funny thing is, is your name, sadness and loneliness. The only obstacle is there lots of people i been friend recently, i just can't afford to lose them just because i'm sad.

i know the solution is just private you, but i can't do it, the reason i create you is to tell every1 that i'm a useless people, to get help, i know there is people are doing their best, got healer but she got silent. I really wish i can tell everything in here.

x'mas is soon, i have no mood for it, but inside me, giving is better that just keep for myself. even i don't enjoy this season, i planning to give, at least people smile wan make me happy. So, anything? who knows i will be the next santa.

this year end which mean is almost 1 year. I know some1 enjoy their life. Twilight, i wish i'm bella, i feel i'm really her, is true i'm sitting there for months, is true i had bad dream, is true i saw her illusion, is true i'm happy wit some1 else, is true i still want her, but is not true we way we break up, is not true she think of me, and is really not true the ending that everything been told is just a lie. I wish the story is exactly like that, everything is exactly true.