Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Labuan Labuan Labuan Labuan. Will be here for 1 week

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today i went for site visit At kg mongok, tambunan for bridge lunching. This my first time watching bridge lunching. My first impression of the site is, it is huge in uncivilize places. Really, i was suprise out of no where, there was it, a big bridge, may be i have no idea about what is going on the place, could be there are no bridge crossing for this place.

so, the lunching, ok. I didn't read the method statement, but here my assumption. First, temporary slider will be set up beside the bridge. Then the plate glider will slide across the river. 6 crane working together to hold the glider and it is very slender, since there no bracing on minor axis. after sliding, then slowly lift up to put on the embrakement. Hehe. That all i can say. Hate my english.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fear. I got lots of it! Fear of eating veggie. Fear of talking to people, fear of driving, fear of embrassment, fear of rejection, fear of belanja people. Now, i fear ghost movie, but the most i fear on movie is love or romantic movie.

just about now i watch triller movie, yes, it is scary. But i really can watch it. I don't hold much emotion wit it. Then, i watch love movie, not exactly love movie, but there involve love. That, i really can't stand it. I really hate those movie! But i love to watch it!

dude, i really feel hopeless now. In fact, i really hopeless, a hopeless guy! Future? No. There no bright future, no matter positive inside us, if we already born bad luck, we will always being unfortunate! Unless we really lupa daratan. After lucky come in, then can remember back.

but i wont such person. No matter how unlucky are i.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Why do people need to be socialize? I found this question is difficult to me. Perhaps we do have sims like o-meter that indicate we need to fill our needs.

this i found it interesting. I'm right now seek some1 to talk. I find it difficult now to just sit tight and read book. But somehow in my mind, i really wan to be left alone, just sit there and have a slow time.

my non stop looking to facebook and fanatic of blogging really mean 1 thing. I seek attention. Yeah. I admit it. But no attention i will get.

there other thing, i'm not the baby. I'm is honey or darling. And there always dear, sweetheart, love, baby or bro i used to call but never honey or darling.