Saturday, February 14, 2009


today is valentine day, is a day of love. this will be my worst day of my life, yesterday i give cayra a flower, i know is useless to spend like 60 on a flower to the person that will not love u. but my heart always tell me to do it. i feel terrible. i just hope i can achieve something..i just hope.. my heart i still love her. i really wish she love me back. hope a flower can change her seem is aint going to happen...well..yesterday is worst even worst..

yesterday i also send flower to dyla, i dont know why i send her flower. but i know i need to send. she ask me is it for a friend. i say yes..but i know in my mind and heart, is more than a friend. i'm sorry that i need to lie to her. but the truth is much better to not know by her.

well...wat i gonna do today..i spend my day hoping day pass quickly..thinking every year, i spend my day the same way right not..alone..well valentine day, world found the true love and get together. i found my true love but love leave me in life suck and i still love cayra...