Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We assume that really serious changes in our life happened slowly, over time, but is not true, this stuff happen in instance. As like, Becaming an adult, becaming a parent, becaming a working person. One minute you not, and the next minute, you are. As became a lover, we all remember the first sight. Whatever is it, we rarely forget. And Sometimes, we don't even know anything changes, you think you still you, and your life is still your life, and you wake up one day and look around, you don't realise anything, anything change at all.

for you informantino, you never forget the moment you became love some1, the first lips, suddenly you not inside a dream anymore, you play it, but you may not notice the moment you love some1, it changes you.

is true. Change me, change you. Overtime also change, till all gone. And change me again for the worst. It all happen in a blink of a eye. We don't realise it.

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