Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Past 2 weeks, i feel a bit down. Reasons? I think too much. Why i think too much? Is because i'm scare pass will haunt me back, i scare to make same mistake. But i know those mistake is because who i am. I really some kind of busy body.i want to know everything, so i usually ask how what why. Is really hard to not know. Ok. Is abit out of topic.

i scare i care so much, i scare i'm want to know to much, i scare to be there all the time and want to know everything happen. Is my mistake last time. I don't wan to make same mistake. But i can't. I will make the mistake.

why is so hard. I know we got choose, i know there more in life. Why it is so important. I don't understand myself. I been lonely too long.

because of me, i also say to myself, but be too rush, slow a bit, i try, and it effect me too much. Perhaps the other side aren't looking on same item, is me that look for it.

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