Saturday, October 30, 2010

When you get sick, it start one single lone bacteria, pretty soon it duplicate, became 2, those 2 became 4, and those 4 became 8. Then, before your body know it, it under attack. Is an invasion. The question for doctor is, what if invasion had landed, once there taken over the body, how the hell to get rid of them.

what do you do when the infection hits you, when it take over. Do you do what you suppose to do and taking your medicine, or you learn to live wit that thing and hope some day it goes away,or do you give up entirely and let it kill you.

well. We always go problem. Small problem, then another small problem, then it lead to bigger problem. For me right now, failure after failure, bigger problem right now is i'm getting more hopeless and lonely. But still not an big problem, not yet. Well. Like i said, there 3 choice, fix the problem, learn to live wit it, or just let it eat me. I don't know what i choose, in this stage. I still choose the number 1. There still a hope, i just wish for it.

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